23 Perfect Tea Gift Ideas For The Tea Lover In Your Life

The perfect tea gift can come in many shapes and sizes. Here are 23 ideas to get you on your way to buying a tea gift the tea lover in your life will be sure to love! 

As an acclaimed tea lover myself, I would love all these items on the list, and in fact, I already own quite a few of them!

Here’s the ultimate tea gift guide!

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Best Gifts For Tea Lovers

1. The Ultimate Tea Table Book


Every tea lover needs a coffee… I mean tea table book! It’s the perfect tea gift for those just getting started with tea, but also anyone who’s already head over heels in love with it.

There are so many coffee table books about tea, but I absolutely LOVE The Tea Book. It covers everything about the wonderful world of tea from harvesting to steeping. And it even gives you tea recipes at the end! 

2. More Of Their Favourite (Harder To Reach) Tea


Every tea lover has a favourite tea (or two)! From my experience, my favourites are often the ones that are hard to get (like those I buy on my travels) so I tend to ration them. You don’t know the next time you’ll be able to buy it. 

So there’s no better gift to buy a tea lover than more of their favourite (and typically hard to get) tea. You might have to work hard to find a retailer who sells it in your country, and even pay extra import fees, but trust me, it’ll all be worth it!

3. New Teacup, Teapot, or Both


I love a good teacup or teapot (or even better, a matching set!) There are tons of cute teacups, mugs, and teapots that you can buy. Anthropologie sells some beautiful mugs and even stackable tea sets.

Or a neat teapot suggestion is this teapot infuser, which allows you to easily steep loose leaf tea, no strainer needed!

4. A Travel Mug Made For Tea


A proper travel mug that’s designed for tea is a necessity in any tea lovers cupboard. There are certain times when we can’t always enjoy tea in the comfort of our home, and your only option is brewing it on the go.

That makes a travel mug specifically designed for tea an amazing gift. My favourite is the tea press from Davids Tea; perfect for both iced and hot tea on the go!

Shop Travel Mugs For Tea


5. A Fancy Kettle


In my mind, there are two types of kettles: the one for the looks, and the one for usability.

Le Creuset sells a classic whistling kettle in so many beautiful colours adding brightness and a traditional style to your kitchen. But, the more practical option is this Cuisinart Kettle. It offers you different boiling points based on what tea you’re about to steep.

6. Hourglass Tea Timer

Photo from Amazon.ca

This is such a simple gift that can go a long way. An hourglass tea timer (like this one on Amazon) will time the perfect steeping times for white, green, and black tea. They can finally say goodbye to over steeping their tea!

Of course, this doesn’t work for Grandpa Style tea drinkers like myself where you just leave the tea steeping forever.

Tea Gifts To Buy: An Hourglass Tea Timer

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7. Electric Mug/ Warmer


There’s nothing worse than drinking lukewarm or cold tea… so save the day by buying an electric mug or mug warmer plate to keep their tea warm all day long!

There are two options: an electric mug, or a mug warmer plate.

I went with the electric plate (like this one on Amazon), that way I can use whatever mug I want (every tea drinker will have their favourite mug to drink out of). The electric mugs (like this one on Amazon) are battery powered so they won’t last as long, but they’re better if your tea drinker is more on the go. They’re also usually more expensive than the plates.

Tea Gifts To Buy
Shop Electric Warming Plates

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Shop Electric Mugs

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8. A Tea Cozy


Another, more traditional way, to keep your tea warm while you sip at it, is with an adorable tea cozy.

You can find them for individual mugs, I recommend looking on Etsy for those, but I love these adorable teapot cozies on Amazon.

Tea Gifts To Buy: A Tea Cozy

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9. A New (Fun) Reusable Steeper


A tea lover can never have too many tea steepers. They always get tea-stained and end up looking quite used over the steeps.

So you need to replace them every once in a while. You can of course go for a basic steeper, which they will always appreciate.

Or there are some pretty fun steepers you can buy as a fun gift!

You can check out the many many options for steepers in my post…

How To Switch From Tea Bags To Loose Leaf Tea

10. Cute Tea Bag Plate


The worst feeling after steeping your tea is realizing you don’t have anywhere to put your teabag.

A simple tea gift that can go a long way is a teabag plate. There are some really cute ones out there too! Or opt for this silicone cup cover that doubles as a tea bag holder!

Tea Gift Guide:

Teapot Shaped Plate
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Silicone Cup Cover & Plate
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11. Tea Box


If you love tea, you’re bound to have A LOT of tea options lying around. So give the gift of storage and tea bag organization with a tea box !

Every time I take mine out to offer tea to my guests I feel like I’m offering restaurant-quality service! It’s so much fun to see everyone debate their options.

Tea Gift Guide: Tea Box

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12. Air Tight Containers For Tea Storage

If they’re more into loose leaf tea than tea bags, cute storage containers are a must for any serious tea lover. This tea gift will look cute in their cupboards or on display and protect their tea. 

Tea lasts longer and will stay fresher if it’s in air tight containers

Where To Buy Air Tight Containers

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13. Set Them Up With An Indoor Tea Garden


If your friend is an herbal tea lover, give them the power to grow their own tea by starting them up with their very own indoor tea garden!

My dream was always to grow Camellia Sinensis for black tea, but it’s a stubborn bush to grow in most climates. So, I recommend sticking to herbal plants like chamomile, lavender, mint, and lemon balm.

If your recipient lives somewhere without perfect weather, or lacks a green thumb, buy them an Aerogarden or Click & Grow. It’s an indoor garden that gives the plants direct sunlight and tells you when to water it. Aerogarden even sells a tea package that comes with all the basics to start.

Where To Buy An Aerogarden

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Buy From The Bay

You’ll Also Need Tea Seed Pod Kit

Buy on Amazon.ca

Shopping For A Tea Gift For The Holidays?

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Gifts For The Afternoon Tea Party Lover

The next few tea gift ideas are perfect for any afternoon tea party lover. Whether it completes their set or helps them put on the next best afternoon tea party, they’ll be sure to love these!

14. Teacup & Saucer Display


If your friend loves afternoon tea, they’re bound to have a few teacup and saucer sets. Help them display their favourite ones by getting these teacup easels to properly showcase them!

Tea Gift Guide: Teacup & Saucer Display

Buy on Amazon.com
Buy on Amazon.ca

15. Milk & Sugar Bowls


Another necessity for any afternoon tea party is a milk and sugar set! You can’t have a tea party without them, otherwise, how are people going to add their milk and sugar!?
Look how cute these are from Amazon!

Buy The Ultimate Afternoon Tea Party Gift: Milk & Sugar Bowls

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Buy on Amazon.ca

16. Afternoon Tea Party Essential – Tiered Plate


You can’t have a proper afternoon tea party without a tiered plate for all your sweet treats! A two-tiered (or even three-tiered) plate can also be used for any occasion, not just afternoon tea. 

Plus, it looks great on display with teacups and saucers!

17. Tea Bag Shapted Cookie Cutters

Photo from Amazon.ca

Is there anything more fun than serving tea bag-shaped cookies at your tea party!? Come on! Look how cute they are!

18. Tea Fit For A Queen

This is the ultimate tea gift for an afternoon tea lover. Filled with sweet and savoury recipes to make for their next tea party!

19. Tea For 2 Board Game


Have the ultimate tea party for two with Tea For 2, the board game. If they love playing board games, Tea For 2 is a must have in their collection. 

Tea For 2 is a two player game set in the wonderful world Wonderland. The theme is Alice in Wonderland where you’re having a tea party and you have to build your deck to beat your opponent. 

Buy The Perfect Tea Gift: Tea For 2 Board Game

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Tea Gift Ideas To Expand Their Tea Collection

Many cultures have their own tea and drinking traditions. Why not expand their tea collection, going beyond what they know?

18. Tea Subscription Box

Imagine getting new tea every month to sample and explore new tea blends! From one tea lover to another, let me let you in on a little secret – that would be heaven!

I found these subscriptions boxes that offer free shipping to Canada, and are reasonably priced.

Amoda has caffeine and non-caffeine tea boxes to choose from. You get four teas each month, offering 3-5 cups of each.

With Tea Sparrow you also have an option to pick what type of tea you want. Depending on which one you subscribe to you’ll get a range of 4 different tea blends a month.

Another option, that is more reasonably priced, although you do have to pay shipping is Dollar Tea Club. They’ll send you new tea every month based on how many cups of tea your drink a day/week. It’s so reasonably priced (they have subscriptions starting at just $1!) that the $4.50 shipping fee isn’t a big deal. 


Atlas Tea Club Subscription Box

One of my all time favourite tea subscription boxes is Atlas Tea Club. It’s the ultimate gift for travel and tea lovers like myself. 

Every month they’ll receive one or two teas from around the world. You can choose between herbal and caffeinated options (or both). 

They have easy to set up gift subscriptions where you can choose to send it for three, six, or twelve months. It will automatically cancel after the chosen time period. 

I really love Atlas Tea Club because it takes you around the world one tea at a time. They’ll really able to expand their worldly tea palette with every box!

In The UK?

Try Bruu Tea British subscription box! Plus use my code teareadsBRUU for 15% off your order!

Read my full review >>


19. Matcha

Matcha, from Japan, is becoming quite popular in the rest of the world these days for its crazy health benefits. Matcha makes the perfect gift because quality matcha can be quite expensive. So, why not buy quality ceremonial grade matcha to enjoy?

Traditionally, matcha is whisked in a bowl so another matcha themed gift option is a ceremonial set.  You can buy each component separately (a bowl and whisk), or you can buy them together in a set.

If they already have a matcha set, there are some neat accessories you can buy as well, like this matcha travel mug.

Buy Matcha On Amazon

20. Yerba Mate

Introduce the tea lover in your life to the newest tea trend: yerba mate. This new tea is traditionally enjoyed in South America, but you need certain materials to properly drink it.

First, you need the tea itself, then also a gourd and bombilla. You can buy it all in a set here. You can read more about it in my post to see if it’s the right tea gift to buy.

Get Them Started With Yerba Mate On Amazon

21. Gong Fu / Kong Fu Tea Set

Only a tad different from British tea and western tea traditions, Gongfu is the tea ceremony followed in China. It’s all about the proper way of preparing and presenting tea. 

To complete the set, you’ll need a bamboo board, with small teacups for tasting and a teapot. This neat set comes with it all, including a case to store and travel with. 

Actually, your set is only complete once you have a tea pet. They’re clay figurines that are meant to be showered in your tea and are kept around for good luck. I’ve noticed they’re hard to find in North America, but you might have luck finding one on Etsy.

Gonfu Sets On Amazon
Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash.com

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The Ultimate List of Gifts To Buy The Tea Lover In Your Life #teagifts #perfectteagifts #whattobuytealover
The Ultimate List of Gifts To Buy The Tea Lover In Your Life #teagifts #perfectteagifts #whattobuytealover

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