So you’ve decided to visit Belgium, that was your first good decision! Belgium is one of my all time favourite countries to visit. So far, I’ve been there twice, but I’d love to go back a third time.

My first time in Belgium I was only there for a week so the next time I decided to live in Brussels for an entire month. I could not have asked for a better host city for my trip!

Belgium has more than enough to offer for either a quick visit or longer stays. It has unbelievable food to try and such unique culture to explore. What more can you ask for from a country!?


Top 5 Tips To Planning Your Belgian Getaway

Read my quick tips on planning your trip to Belgium. Discover the main cities you’ll want to visit, an overview of the food to try, and where to stay.

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P.S. In the background is our favourite waffle truck we found in Brussels. But it’s not always there.

Don’t Miss These Brussels Hidden Gems!

Among the Manneken Pis and Grand Place, Brussels has quite a bit more to offer. Like did you know that’s not the original Manneken Pis? But I know where you can see the OG (along with his entire wardrobe!).

Plus, I’ll even let you in on a secret on where you can find the best beer IN THE WORLD!  

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Namur Vs. Dinant: Which One Should You Visit?

Namur and Dinant are VERY similar. I mean, they’re both along the river, have a citadel to explore, and beer to taste.

Oh, plus they’re both beautiful and offer out of this world views! So, should you be visiting both though or is one enough?

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belgium-travel-guide - bottle cap magnets belgium souvenir

The Ultimate Souvenir To Bring Back From Belgium

Whenever you visit a new country you have to bring something back.

In Belgium, you’ll want to bring back all the bottle caps from the beer you tried and turn them into fridge magnets at home. It’s definitely a lot easier than bringing back the bottle of beer!